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So theres introuductions?

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Well, welcome to my Story. You can call me Quantum. I am an Owner of Solak, along with Smidge. I am the main developer of the server, and have put over 6 months into building something unique. As coding, I don't like repeating or copying others work, so everything I do is by hand and usually can't find anything like it anywhere else.


I call myself a Student of Life, as there is never enough time to learn everything I want to know. I study a lot of different subjects, from coding and computers, to the universe and everything between it, to religion and philosophy, to virology and human body, and even up to psychology.  I've also lost a lot in my life and tend to lean on empathy.


I've played runescape since 2002? I think it was. I've always loved and fell for runescape, and used to work on servers years ago, till my friends pulled me back into it and I've been working tirelessly for months to make this unique server.


Feel free to message me anytime, whether it be something with the server, or want to talk about the universe or anything, if I'm free I'll message back when I can. Hope you enjoy being here at Solak.

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