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Here is a list of the donation ranks :

opal2.png.baa65676be697b108777ce3b3081ee44.pngOpal - Upto 5 Donator Tokens

jade2.png.95f88573686439906edc52c5444e493f.pngJade - Upto 25 Donator Tokens

topaz2.png.cacc884866c715d5420f0a369ef2ff85.pngTopaz - Upto 50 Donator Tokens

sapphire.png.bc323bb6f5b4cee2bdcc932dc8fefe1b.pngSapphire - Upto 100 Donator Tokens

emerald2.png.aa2b66ee1ae8435fc75892269f6f6e77.pngEmerald - Upto 200 Donator Tokens

ruby2.png.7e90d7d82c6009ea1ac94d4cbf75624c.pngRuby - Upto 400 Donator Tokens

diamond2.png.e179c97dceeaa7258d3f381d90ff3d26.pngDiamond - Upto 700 Donator Tokens

dragonstone2.png.cc02c12f22f63587275660ef2f1ac63e.pngDragonstone - Upto 1300 Donator Tokens

onyx2.png.ad179c4830cf76201ca00bf4546c1893.pngOnyx -  Upto 2000 Donator Tokens

hydrix2.png.d10c57ef38ce5e022f8ad8a8cc0adb92.pngHydrix - Over 2000 Donator Tokens


You can request your rank on discord and the forums by posting a ticket on our forums or make a support request here.


Take a picture of your 'Total Donated'

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