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Hey I'm Smidge and I'm currently 25 years old, I live with my girlfriend, my 6 month old daughter n my ferrets in England.

I've been running all sorts of servers since I was around 12 years old starting from Minecraft; My community was called GamersYard I hosted numerous servers on there such as faction PvP/hunger games/jail servers n more then I moved to Garry's mod where I hosted very popular DarkRP and Trouble in terrorist town servers and other games such as Arma 2 DayZ and Rust under the community name Sanctuary Servers.

I used to host RSPS around 10 years ago also but just for friends it was never serious I started hosting them again around 2-3 years ago with the name PoonScape, we then moved on to RuneGuild for a couple of years and I also had a server called Zalcano for a short time. 

I love the community and enjoy creating a server for you all to enjoy. I have always worked solo but for the first time I will be partnering up with another server owner/developer (Quantum) to try and create something even better than we've ever done. His server manager (Links) has also joined and is helping develop also and I'm sure they'll fit in just fine. The timezones work great too as I'm usually on when Quantum is asleep and vice versa.

So I played RuneScape since 2005 up until EOC happened then I played off and on since. I think I first joined through a miniclip ad lol and never been able to fully quit since.  Many of the staff on Solak have been with me on my RSPS journey for alot of it and I have become good friends with them. I think this is one of the reasons people play and enjoy my servers over others as the community is always great and we're not just out here money grabbing like many other of the servers we put the work in and focus our updates on what the people want.

We have built Solak to last for years to come and now we're on a 718 base it really makes it a whole new exciting experience and I look forward to the future of this new community.

Thanks for reading see you in game 🙂



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