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  3. We are growing slowly and are going to be investing quite a bit of money shortly to adverts so hopefully we get more consistent new players. We are therefore looking for people to join our team. We want active/loyal people that are going to join us as we grow as a community. Staff Applications are now live you can apply here: Apply for Staff Simply fill out the template and post it into your own thread. Good luck!
  4. How old are you? 26 What time zone are you in? EST, America How often do you play Solak? I play daily, roughly 2-4 hours, more if I can manage it. How long have you played our servers roughly? I've played since Solak was released, I played a few days of beta if I remember correctly. Do you have any previous experience as staff? I've helped manage/staff as a Senior Mod on a large public Minecraft Server. (100+ players) What would you bring to our team? I'm very new
  5. Copy and paste the questions into your own thread in the Staff Applications section then fill out the questions. (Please note detail and presentation will make you stand out from other applicants) Applicant Requirements: - 5 posts on forums - 10 hours minimum in game (See Solak Manager) How old are you? What time zone are you in? How often can you play Solak? How long have you played our servers roughly? Do you have any previous experience as staff? What would you bring to our team? Why do you want to join our team? Describ
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  8. Download Now : SOLAK LAUNCHER Join our discord if you need any help.
  9. We will release on Sunday 22nd August. Time of release: 3PM GMT - 11AM ET The eco reset will happen after it won on the poll results It was needed due to the drama with Quantum & Broken Eco due to invest system & others. I have made many adjustments and improvements to improve the Eco and QOL. The client is now running alot more smooth, Invest System/Awakening/Action Bar have been removed & we now have full dungeoneering plus other new features. You can now start voting also. See you at release Solak Team
  10. There might be an instance where your launcher wont work properly or you will have an "unsupported java" message pop up before the login screen. I will tell you potential fixes for this. If the launcher isn't working correctly, stuck in updates or otherwise not getting to the login screen. Download and run the below program and try again: jarfix.exe _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another issue that can occur is the 'Unsupported Ja
  11. In-Game Rules Flaming: Flaming a member of Solak is strictly against the rules. Attacking a player and insulting them with the intent of causing harm is a mutable offence and is not taken lightly. Spamming: Spamming is the act of consistently typing in order to be a nuisance; whether it be spamming @@@@@, spamming your bank sale, spamming another server etc. It is also a mutable offence. You will be warned, and then punished should you continue. Multi-logging: You are allowed to be logged into a maximum of 3 accounts at one time. Using these accounts together to b
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