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  3. Places: Unlimited

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    Apply here to become a Beta Tester. A beta tester will look for bugs and improvements.
  4. Places: 15

    Applicants: 15

    Apply here to become a Beta Tester. A beta tester will look for bugs and improvements. (The server will eco reset before we launch so all your stuff in beta will be deleted)
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  11. Well, welcome to my Story. You can call me Quantum. I am an Owner of Solak, along with Smidge. I am the main developer of the server, and have put over 6 months into building something unique. As coding, I don't like repeating or copying others work, so everything I do is by hand and usually can't find anything like it anywhere else. I call myself a Student of Life, as there is never enough time to learn everything I want to know. I study a lot of different subjects, from coding and computers, to the universe and everything between it, to religion and philosophy, to virology and hu
  12. Hi Folks, Please visit the following link to apply to be a beta tester: https://solakps.com/index.php?/staffapplications/ We will be picking upto 15 people to help us beta test. Staff applications will also be on the application page once the server is released.


    A special and exclusive blade for the launch of Solak. This blade was specially created and used for this purpose only. Get the attack stats of a Tier 90+ weapon, along with a custom model not used anywhere else!

    The sword will remain untradeable until a couple of months after release it will become tradeable.


    42.00 GBP
  14. Hey I'm Smidge and I'm currently 25 years old, I live with my girlfriend, my 6 month old daughter n my ferrets in England. I've been running all sorts of servers since I was around 12 years old starting from Minecraft; My community was called GamersYard I hosted numerous servers on there such as faction PvP/hunger games/jail servers n more then I moved to Garry's mod where I hosted very popular DarkRP and Trouble in terrorist town servers and other games such as Arma 2 DayZ and Rust under the community name Sanctuary Servers. I used to host RSPS around 10 years ago also but just for
  15. Buddy


    Ee ur frick u
  16. Some of you may know me if you have played a previous source but none the less I am Buddy and I have been staff for Smidge for a year and a half now. If you don't know me then hi my name is Tanner (aka Buddy) and I work roughly 50 hours a week at a John Deere factory and am also a full time firefighter for the town I live in and spend my free time playing the server. I am not super up to date with all content RS3 related but if you have any questions feel free to pm me and I will answer any questions you have one way or another. I am excited to play this server and see it grow so I hope to see
  17. Lure you ina minute
  18. Hello you... I've been waiting for you to click this thread, just you and me... together. Look into my eyes. My name is Bramsie and I like you. If you need something let me know... anything.... server related. I can help you... so hard. I take appreciation payments in the form of luring @D3x into the wildy and pking him. Nah but forreal, I'm always around and can help you if you need it. I WILL FIND A WAY. Just message me in game or in Discord: Bramsie#2766
  19. D3x

    Intro - D3x

    Hola peeps, I'm D3x I've been a part of this community for around a year and have been around for several sources. I am/was an RS3 player that has played has OSRS RSPS sources since joining the community, This is now my comfort zone and I am more than happy to help guide anyone that needs it, if you are not an RS3 player, as many aren't. I don't work so I am around quite often and will usually always respond on discord (from 11am GMT/BST depending). Once the server is up and running, if no staff are online during the day (I try to be online each day but sometimes business happe
  20. Luke

    Solak be big

  21. Hi all, So a lot of you will know me from Smidge's previous servers (Zalcano, RuneGuild, etc), but for those who don't; I'm Luke. I openly admit that I'm new to the RS3 scene, so I may be the one asking you all a few questions, but if there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to PM me in game or on Discord - Luke B#5217. I work full time, but pump as much time as I can into the server. My timezone is GMT so you'll frequently see me in the evenings my time. Look forward to seeing you in game! Luke.
  22. Let's gooooooooooooooo
  23. Sad Goose


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  24. Buddy


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  25. In-Game Rules Flaming: Flaming a member of Solak is strictly against the rules. Attacking a player and insulting them with the intent of causing harm is a mutable offence and is not taken lightly. Spamming: Spamming is the act of consistently typing in order to be a nuisance; whether it be spamming @@@@@, spamming your bank sale, spamming another server etc. It is also a mutable offence. You will be warned, and then punished should you continue. Multi-logging: You are allowed to be logged into a maximum of 3 accounts at one time. Using these accounts together to b
  26. WOOOOOOOoooooo!
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